Xreveal 2.5.4 released


Download v2.5.4

Version 2.5.4 2023-11-10
  Added embed VID to Blu-ray ISO when ripping to image with keep protection
  Added traditional Chinese translation

Now Xreveal supports creating Blu-ray ISOs with VID embedded.

You can use ImgDrive to mount it as a virtual drive with the AACS-Auth feature, for more details, see: https://www.yubsoft.com/news?id=67.

Xreveal 2.5.3 released


Download v2.5.3

Version 2.5.3 2023-10-08
  Fixed incorrect status if Xreveal is disabled
  Fixed crash when .bup is empty
  Added enable xreveal in Status window if Xreveal is disabled
  Improved support for LibreDrive

Xreveal 2.5.2 released


Download v2.5.2

Version 2.5.2 2023-09-22
  Fixed installer won't work on Windows x86 and Windows ARM64
  Fixed failed to get RDK when LibreDrive is enabled

We released the ARM64 version of Xreveal in v2.3.1(2022-10-01), which has not been tested since there is no test machine.

Recently we tested it and found 2 issues:
1. xreveal_2.5.1.exe (AnyCPU version) can only run on x64 versions of Windows.
   This is a silly mistake, the setup.tss is given a wrong ArchitecturesAllowed

2. xreveal_2.5.1_arm64.exe will pop up 0xC000007B error after running
   This is due to a wrong manifest.

Finally, thanks to Milan for the feedback and testing.

Xreveal 2.5.1 released


Download v2.5.1

Version 2.5.1 2023-09-20
  Fixed failed to read VID of HD-DVD
  Added keydb.cfg setting for HD-DVD
  Added context help in the Settings dialog
  Added more logs when failing to do AACS-Auth
  Added Enabled LibreDrive for UHD
  Improved detection of whether PowerDVD is installed
  Improved exit UDF parser quickly when ejecting disc
  Changed FUT file search order: bd+.dll, MK.bin, MK_VolumeLabel.bin, MK_*.bin

Xreveal supports reading the old format keydb.cfg used by DumpHD.

Xreveal 2.5.0 released


Download 2.5.0

Version 2.5.0 2023-09-15
  Improved support for reading EVO from HD DVD
  Improved move BEC to "Drive information"
  Improved remove Java protections
  Changed rename /AACS dir to /XRVL
  Changed rename /BDSVM dir to /XRSVM
  Fixed four crashes from the user report
  Added make separate installer for x64/x86/ARM64, only 0.5MB
  Added reset player region for TotalMedia Theatre 6
  Added reset player region for WinDVD 11
  Added reset player region for WinDVD 12
  Added more parameter validity checks in the kernel driver
  Updated kernel driver to v2520

1. Improved support for reading EVO from HD DVD

It's not easy to add on-the-fly decryption for HD-DVD, because NAV_PACK has the key for AES, if there is a read request that after the NAV_PACK, then need to read the NAV_PACK first.

Usually the reading of the EVO is read from beginning to end, so there is no problem, but if random reading of any sector, or multi-threaded reading of the EVO, there will get wrong sector data because of the wrong key. In our tests, DVDFab Passkey decryption was problematic.

Since HD DVDs are largely obsolete, we recommend backing them up before discs from more than a decade ago are unreadable.

2. Added make separate installer for x64/x86/ARM64

We make three extra installers, one for x64 system, one for x86 system, and one for ARM64, only 0.5MB, this should be the smallest on-the-fly decrypter on the market. You can download them in Download page.

3. Changed rename /AACS dir to /XRVL

Some users may need the contents of this folder, such as reading AACS/Unit_Key_RO.inf to calculate DiscID, etc. So in this version we rename /AACS to /XRVL. In previous verions, we hide the /AACS folder, which is harder to implement than rename. 

Many discs with Java Protection read files under /AACS to detect if the disc has been removed from protection.

At present, Xreveal's support for Java Protection is still rudimentary, we refer to the implementation of DVDFab Passkey and AnyDVD. Later we will write a small tool to generate disc snapshots, and you can send us snapshots for Java Protection discs that Xreveal cannot remove.

There is almost no one-size-fits-all way to detect all Java Protection, just as there is no single antivirus that can detect all viruses. Xreveal currently detects Java Protection through static analysis, and later maintains a Java Protection sample library to identify protection in conjunction with dynamic analysis.

BTW: We had started an internal sub-project to implement Blu-ray playback with menus on the basis of VLC. Continue our software development taste, keep it small, simple, and powerful.

4. Added reset player region for TotalMedia Theatre 6, WinDVD 11, WinDVD 12

We changed the UI of players region reset, this version only resets the region of the Blu-ray player for the currently selected player.

For WinDVD 11 and WinDVD 12, please run Xreveal as administrator to reset region.

List of currently supported players for region reset:

5. Updated kernel driver to v2520

The driver IO is unchanged, but if you want to use latest HD DVD feature, please restart computer to load latest kernel driver.

 We had evaluated whether to introduce another .sys driver, which would enable dynamic updating of the driver through dual drivers, but we gave up. This complicates deployment, and the driver rarely updates.

Xreveal 2.4.9 released



  Fixed crash introduced in 2.4.8
  Added remove first play title from HD DVD
  Added remove UOPS (User Operation Prohibitions) from HD DVD
  Added remove parental restrictions from HD DVD

Xreveal 2.4.8 released



  Improved remove BD+ protection with the help of third party BD+.dll plugin
  Added initial implementation to remove HD DVD AACS protection
  Fixed a crash when parsing UDF file system
  Improved if Xreveal is running, open the settings when double-click the xreveal shortcut
  Improve opening of UHD discs

1. Improved remove BD+ protection with the help of third party BD+.dll plugin

With the help of third party bd+.dll, now Xreveal can remove most of BD discs that have BD+ protection, no need to connect server to download FUT.

You can download this 57.7 MB file here: https://mega.nz/file/02EyGaRR#RCBdNpIpOm8jt-UZPB5lRHQQp-pBk1zQ0-mLKfQGZwY

Usage: download bd+.dll and put it into Xreveal's install location.

If Xreveal succeed to remove the BD+ protection, will output a log in Status window:

2. Added initial implementation to remove HD DVD AACS protection

HD DVD Gets Buried by Best Buy and Netflix (technabob.com)

We added HD DVD support for some users request, this is a intial implementation, due to we have neither HD DVD drive nor HD DVD disc.

Does anyone know where to download raw HD DVD iso? (raw .iso means it's 1:1 created without AnyDVD/Passkey/Xreveal running). Then we can mount it to ImgDrive, and added more features for HD DVD:

3. Fixed a crash when parsing UDF file system

Fix a crash that reported from user.

4. Improved if Xreveal is running, open the settings when double-click the xreveal shortcut

In previous versions, if Xreveal is running, double-click the xreveal shortcut will do nothing, this may confused people, is there something wrong, why nothing happened?

In this version, we improved for this case, open the settings dialog if Xreveal is already running, and if current OS is Windows 11, force to show Xreveal icon in notifcation area:

5. Improve opening of UHD discs

Faster to open UHD discs now.

Xreveal 2.4.7 released



  Added support for non-friendly drives with the help of MakeMKV LibreDrive
  Added display LibreDrive information in status window
  Added display MKB version in status window
  Added display read data key (RDK) in status window
  Added decrypt protected ISO (need mount to virtual drive first)
  Fixed open drive failed in kernel mode issue
  Updated kernel driver to v2500

Language files changes: lang_changes_2470.html

In this version, we finally added support for LibreDrive, to bypass the bus encryption (usually for UHD).

Current LibreDrive will be enabled when: "Disc is UHD" and "MakeMKV is installed".

If MakeMKV is installed, LibreDrive Information will be displayed in Status window.

This is intial support for LibreDrive, please test and feel free to contact us for any issues.

And, we spent a hour to enhance Status window text output:

a minor improvement, easier to read.

Xreveal 2.4.6 released



  Added tray icon turns red when opening of a disc fails
  Fixed crash caused by not calling CoInitializeEx
  Changed FUT file name format "[MediaKey]_[VolumeLabel].bin", no longer supported SHA format
  Removed "Rip to Hard Disk"/"Rip to Image" dialog's topmost flag

Xreveal beta released



  Fixed crash when parsing UDF time

Some discs are wrong authored with Month set to 0.  In ECMA-168/1: Month field shall specify the month of the year as number in the range 1 to 12.

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