How to use Xreveal

  1. Download and install Xreveal.
  2. Create a KEYDB.cfg file under C:\ProgramData\aacs\, then copy the code of this post on doom9 to the file.
    KEYDB.cfg contains decryption keys to remove AACS protection. The latest Blu-ray may require new keys to decrypt, you can try to find these keys manually in FindVUK Online Database.
    C:\ProgramData\aacs\ is the default path, you can change this default directory in Settings > KeyDB.
  3. Download bd+.dll and put it in the Xreveal installation directory.
    This 57 MB third-party dll is used to remove BD+ protection, this dll is required if the disc contains BD+ protection.
  4. Run Xreveal, then insert the DVD or Blu-ray into the drive
    By default, Xreveal automatically detects disc insertion and starts scanning for decryption. If decryption fails, a dialog box pops up to tell you the error code.

    After the disc is successfully processed, it can be operated like an unprotected disc, you can use DVD/Blu-ray backup software to backup it, or even copy video files directly in Windows Explorer.

The KEYDB.cfg and bd+.dll file links above come from Google Search, we do not guarantee that it will work, for testing purposes only.